Templates are your best business sidekicks.

Are yours pulling their weight?

At Fuzzy Ink Creative we know that templates are the secret sauce to being efficient and looking fabulous EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Let your business templates worry about fonts, colours and logo position while you focus on creating the content that will wow your audience and let you shine.

It’s time to take the frustration out of formatting, whether it’s a sixty-page report or a social media graphic. You need a solution created for user experience in software that you already know how to use.


Design & Develop


You need templates for your new or growing business to help streamline your processes and showcase your brand.

Convert Your Designs


You’ve designed new templates for your clients and need those files converted to be compatible with Microsoft Office or Google Docs.

Graphic Design


You need something special or are drowning in to-dos and want someone to design and typeset your documents for you.

Hi, I’m Prue.

Template wrangler, graphic designer and 80s music lover.

Since I first learnt how to use a computer in 1990, I’ve been passionate about branding and bridging the gap between design and easy-to-use templates that do the bulk of the formatting for you.

It began with newsletters, brochures and complex forms but now includes custom solutions developed to suit your specific business needs.

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