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One of the biggest challenges when creating templates is how to instruct the user in what to do next.

Sure, you can develop written or video tutorials. Both fantastic options to share knowledge and demonstrate the steps required. The downside is that neither of these options is  a part of the template. So that makes it easy for the instructions to become lost. So then what happens when there is a new user who doesn’t know how to use the template?

For Microsoft Word templates there is an easy solution, and that’s to add invisible instructions in the master document. And no invisible ink required!

Explore ‘hidden text’

It is text, inline images, tables or charts that is invisible to printing as well as on-screen unless Show/Hide marks is active.  When the ‘hidden text’ functionality is active, a thin dotted line will appear underneath the content. If you turn off Show/Hide then the text will disappear.

Microsoft Word Hidden Text Demonstration

Example of content with the ‘hidden text’ functionality turned on

What is Show/Hide?

A feature that makes the paragraph marks and other hidden formatting symbols visible. Turn it on via the Home tab of the ribbon or by pressing Ctrl + *.

Microsoft Word Hidden Text | Show/Hide Marks

Click Show/Hide on the Home tab to turn on all invisible formatting marks

How do I add hidden text to my document?

  • Select the text, inline images, tables etc. to become invisible
  • Press Ctrl + D –OR– click the ribbon to open the font menu
  • Check the box for hidden text and click OK
Microsoft Word Hidden Text | Open the font menu

Open the font menu by pressing Ctrl + D –OR– click the arrow on the Home tab of the ribbon

Microsoft Word Hidden Text | Turn on Hidden Text in the Font Menu

In the font menu, check the box next to Hidden Text to apply it to all selected content

Can I create a style for hidden text?

Absolutely. Either create a new style or modify an existing one to turn hidden text on or off.



Fuzzy Ink Creative Microsoft Word Tips | Add invisible instructions to your word templates with hidden text