Template Tips11 business templates to create using PowerPoint

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Microsoft PowerPoint because it’s so versatile. It’s well known for its presentation capabilities, but it’s also a useful layout app. It’s perfect for business templates that everyone in the company can use.

Three unique features make it my favourite go-to for general business templates. Features such as:

  • Customisable page size
  • Custom layouts
  • Different export options

Customisable page size

You’ll already be familiar with PowerPoint’s trademark horizontal slides. But did you know that you can change the page to any orientation, such as portrait or square? And the page size can become bigger or smaller as well (e.g. A5, A4, A3 or even A2).

This feature makes PowerPoint perfect for so many different types of business templates.

Business Templates for PowerPoint. Trivia Night poster with recolourable sections.
A3 posters with recolourable sections

Custom layouts

The ability to add custom layouts is PowerPoint’s secret weapon for business templates. Team them up with the different content placeholders, and almost any document is possible. Plus each content placeholder can also have different styles for fast formatting.

Both features work together to make it possible to add pages using different layouts.

Custom layouts are perfect for creating fully editable multi-page report templates

Different export options

Business templates need to be flexible. After all, one day you might need a social media image and the next a printed report. And PowerPoint is the only program in the Office 365 suite with the feature to save as either a PDF or a JPG.

You can export a report as a PDF for printing, and a thumbnail for the website as a JPG. No changes required, press F12 and pick a format — the perfect option for invites you need to both print and email.

Business Templates for PowerPoint. Invitation exported as a PDF for print and JPG for email.
Export PDFs for printed documents, and JPGs to add to email or a website

Business templates made with PowerPoint

Many businesses are already using PowerPoint as their primary presentation software. So it makes sense to use this versatile program for some of their other day-to-day needs as well.

Think outside the presentation and consider PowerPoint for:

1. Invites/Evites

Create PowerPoint templates for all your corporate invites whether printing or emailing. Then, in a handful of clicks, resize the file to create the promotional posters.

2. Newsletters

Stories vary from week to week, and month to month. PowerPoint makes it easy to have a variety of layouts, so there is always one that right for the job.

3. Flyer

PowerPoint placeholders make formatting easy. Switch text, update text and replace images in only a couple of clicks.

4. Business Cards

Add text placeholders to capture employee details to make it easy to create new cards fast.

5. Capability Statement/Brochure

A company brochure is a perfect opportunity to showcase your business. Incorporate your brand colours and fonts into a template that you can update in-house.

6. Case Study

Consistency is critical when it comes to marketing your brand, but not all case studies are equal. Create a complementary suite of designs with custom layouts and well-positioned placeholders.

7. Posters

The best thing about posters is that they come in all shapes and sizes. And it takes only three steps to increase or decrease PowerPoint templates. So when you need different sizes in the same orientation, create it only once and resize it.

8. Organisational charts

Use Smart Art for simple diagrams, or shapes and connectors to create more complex graphs. Copy and paste into Word or export as a JPG to add to your website.

9. Info-graphic/Diagrams

Use the shape and smart art libraries to create eye-catching graphics of key facts.

10. Insta Stories/Social Media

Set page size to the exact dimensions you need, so when you export the file, it’s immediately ready to use.

11. Pinterest images

Marketing is hard work, but eye-catching Pinterest graphics doesn’t have to be. Set up custom layouts for each different style to add pictures and text in a couple of clicks.

Business Templates for PowerPoint. Healthscope A3 poster using a custom layout.
Custom layouts make an easy to edit PowerPoint poster template

Versatile business templates everyone can use

As you can see, PowerPoint is a great everyday business tool for more than presentations. So much more.

It’s not suitable for every business need. But it is perfect for documents you need fast and on the brand.


11 business templates to create using PowerPoint