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23 March 2018
Happy family having fun playing SNAP Ancestor Edition

Is SNAP Ancestor Edition the secret sauce to teaching your kids about their family history?

Have you made your family deck of SNAP Ancestor Edition playing cards yet? If not, then check out the video tutorial below as I quickly put […]
24 February 2018
Fuzzy Ink Stationery Genealogy Toolbox Feature | Family Tree Letterhead template for Google Docs

Grab your Family Tree Letterhead template and create a custom banner with Canva

I’m sure, like me, you get so excited when you discover “new” family members. The first thing you want to do is sit down and chat […]
3 December 2017
The Ultimate All-In-One Genealogy Worksheet - part information snapshot, research planner & checklist

The Ultimate All-in-one Genealogy Worksheet – it’s part information snapshot, research planner, and checklist

Back in January I launched this blog and shared my All-In-One Genealogy Worksheet. That was the first time I’d shared the individual worksheet with other genealogists. […]