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7 June 2019
Fuzzy Ink Stationery | Researching | Is Family History Treasure Hiding In Your Baby Book?

Is family history treasure hiding in your baby book?

We all love that so many discoveries are now possible via the Internet from the comfort of home.  So much so we’ve gotten used to looking […]
5 June 2019
Spotlight on Janet G

Spotlight on Janet G.

Twice a month, I publish a tip from a fellow family history enthusiast, someone just like you. They share something that they’ve learned over time which […]
9 May 2019
Spotlight on… Caroline M. | Tips from Family History Enthusiasts just like you.

Spotlight on… Caroline

Do you have a once and done approach to your genealogy research? It’s something I’ve been guilty of, for sure. When I first started looking for […]
24 April 2019
Spotlight on… Linda - Tips from Family History Enthusiasts Just Like You

Spotlight on… Linda

Every ancestor’s story is unique, and so is our genealogy journey. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from both our ancestors and our fellow […]
10 April 2019
Spotlight on Alana

Spotlight on… Alana

Everyone has something to teach us. And when it comes to tracing our ancestors, that statement couldn’t be more accurate. We can learn much from other […]
2 April 2019
260 Family History Questions to Interview Yourself

260 family history questions to interview yourself

Let’s be honest. Random record discoveries are exciting, and stories are hard to write. So it can be very tempting to get stuck in the research […]
23 March 2019
Genealogy 101: 4 reasons to Start With You

Genealogy 101: 4 reasons to Start With You

Start with you. It’s advice that every family history enthusiast has said or heard, many times. But is it good advice or no longer applicable in […]
11 January 2019
8 Valuable Tips To Get Your Genealogy Research Started

8 Valuable Tips to Get Your Genealogy Research Started

It’s great news that you want to start researching your family history. Genealogy research has been one of my most rewarding (and time-consuming) hobbies. And what […]
19 October 2018
Fuzzy Ink Stationery | Researching | How to find research clues in your family mementos

How To Find Research Clues In Your Family Mementos

Have I ever told you the story about how I found my Great Uncle John? He disappeared from the Australian record books after 1890. Vanished without […]