Convert Your Designs
Into Custom Templates

For those times when you’ve designed gorgeous
documents for your client but don’t have time or
need help converting from Indesign to Office.

Templates to
knock your
socks off.

Your client has asked for Microsoft Office templates and you don’t know WHAT to do next. You’ve got the design part handled but how do you get it out of InDesign and into Word or PowerPoint?

Hang on, you can convert it from a PDF, can’t you? That’s got to be how everyone does it. Click. Save. Send. Prepare for a barrage of calls about what doesn’t work and asking how to do this or that.

That’s one way, but I have another. Partner with Fuzzy Ink Creative to convert your designs into Microsoft Office files for you instead.

You’ll call the shots on design, I’ll be your guide when it comes to what we need to do to deliver templates that will knock your clients socks off. Together we’ll create a custom solution that makes it possible for non-designers to produce quality materials to represent their brand. Something where design doesn’t have to be sacrificed for functionality, but is enhanced by it.

Over two
decades of


Supported software options

All templates are created in a Windows 10 environment, and can be developed for any of the applications listed below:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

When it comes to Microsoft Office, version can matter. My templates are compatible with all versions since 2007 only.

  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides

Templates come in all shapes and sizes.

Like everything else, template requirements vary depending on the business. After all, you don’t need tools for tasks that you don’t do. I’ve created templates for purposes such as:

  • Stationery (letterhead, memos, agenda etc)
  • Multi-page report or proposal
  • Course workbooks or worksheet
  • Collateral (agenda, minutes, etc)
  • Social media graphics or banners
  • Xero invoice/estimate
  • Presentations
  • Newsletters
  • Menus
  • Evite images or banners
  • Business cards
  • Email signature

Can’t see what you need? Contact me to chat about your requirements to see if I can help.

Ask About Our Projects

For confidentiality reasons no converted templates will be showcased here at this time. Check out my other work examples or contact me to find out more.

The five steps
we’ll follow
for your project.

STEP ONE: Briefing

You start the process off by letting me know what you need. Send me an email or complete the contact form to give me an overview of the job. If you’ve already created the design then please send a PDF proof, I’d love to see it!

I’ll be in touch within one business day with some questions to make sure that I understand your specific project and have the skill set you need.

STEP TWO: Estimation

You’ll receive an estimate detailing the cost, work to be done, resources required (eg copy, photos etc), and time range for each stage of the project.

Once the job goes ahead, this becomes our project plan so be sure to ask any questions and let’s discuss any concerns after you review the estimate.

STEP THREE: Clarification

You’ve given the green light to proceed and we’ll now get into the nitty gritty of your project. I’ll request files, copy, technical specifications – whatever we agreed on in Step Two that is necessary to getting the job done.

You’ll also receive the final project plan. All the deadlines (yours and mine) will now have a date and time so you know exactly what to expect and when it will arrive.

STEP FOUR: Conversion

Once we hit the conversion phase, you get a break from this project for a bit!

I’ll be in touch with you during the conversion process only if I hit a snag or have a question about the design.

Note: your job will only be added into my workflow once the estimate is approved and any required deposit has been paid.

STEP FIVE: Revisions & Testing

The final phase is focused on making sure that your client has a template that they can interact with in a way they understand.

That means that testing by the end user is critical so you’ll receive the templates ready to use. There will also be a video or written instructions for the end user so they’ll know exactly what to do to create a document just like the design file.